Windows Live ID and Country / Region

Currently I’m living in Greece but I’m in the process of moving abroad.

A few months back, I bought a Windows Phone 7 LG-E900 which I knew didn’t support Greek. I bought it, despite the huge problem, because it cost me only 200€ without a carier contract and because I knew when Mango would come, it would be worth the wait.

At the time, I was forced to create a new live ID, different from my msn, because I wanted access to the marketplace. At the creation process I chose UK as my country. Over the months, I have installed several applications and I also created some data collections.

Of coarse all this time, I couldn’t and still can’t sign in with zune, because my computers locale is different.

Now that Mango is almoste out there, I find my self in the possition to deal with this inexplicable limitation. To make matters worse, if I create a new live ID for Greece, and actually transfer my contacts and re-install applications,  I have to inform all my contacts about my new live ID, if I want to use MSN intergration

Because I’m in the process to migrate to another, I get discouraged to even think about doing these all over again for the new country’s specific live ID.

In the age of globalization and with a Europe that promotes rellocating, I can’t really understand why they are still imposing this limitations.

I’m starting to think that WP7 was a wrong choice. Don’t get me wrong, it is great but as with other, a something great can be destroyed from the inside, in our case by Microsoft’s decisions on the matter.



  1. Ah, even if your entry is old, I will post a comment and ask you if you have been able to resolve this issue? Any luck? Zune Marketplace and Windows Support should come to Croatia (where I live) soon, and I have my Live ID set to UK (for the same reason as you) and it kills me to think I will have to create another ID and inform everybody and change everything 😦 Damn Microsoft…

    • Hi.
      When I was in Greece, I had setup an new live id for UK. I already had one for Greece.
      Not that I’m in Belgium I really don’t feel like a creating another one.

      Microsoft is just so wrong on this matter!

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