Jobs seaching and LinkedIN

Today I created my LinkedIn ID.

I live in Greece but I would be interested in working abroad as long as the income / living cost is rational.

Since I’m posting here, I should describe what exactly I’ve been doing for the current company I’m working for.

During the last year of my professional life I had the role of IT Director, while I’ve been building latest .net technologies application with my coleagues. For the latest application, I’ve created a Modular, Multilanguage framework infrastructure with workflow support. The infrastructure provides a viable solution to give each customer whatever module they want with or without workflow and add a special customization that does not impede on the base modules, thus increasing support and reducing testing costs. The above solution can be plugged in with any identity system that I have come across.

One potential (implemented) of the above infrastrucre is that you can add workflow support to any other 3rd party application by creating a 3rd party specific module for authentication, and a module for the 3rd’s party objects that we want to make workflow relevant. A generic interface is provided for the 3rd party application to query its objects regarding to the workflow.

The above infrastrucre supports Client / Server application through WPF, WCF and WWF and is intented to support Web and Silverlight with the same specifications.

I hope for the best.


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