Horizontal Tree Control

For some time now there has been a debate among my companies designer, about the space required by a tree control. So we talked about some various solutions, and the correct one for me, is that we must implement a custom control based on our needs.

Recently I found some time and developed what I like to call a Horizontal Tree Control. This control can represent in the vertical space of Text Box the path of the selected node. When a sub node is required then a selector is displayed.

For example

The idea is not entirely mine. It is basically a copy of the path selection control in Windows Vista Explorer’s address bar.


The article about the inner magic and how to use example for this control is published in CodeProject



  1. Alex,

    Nice work here with the cool TreeView control.

    Somehow I lost the RSS feed for your blog. I’ve got this sorted out now.

    Best to you,


  2. It was realy hard to make it.

    Have you read the comments on the codeproject article? I would like to ask your opinion, because I repsect it, whether that complaining about the incomplete code is right.

    Thanks again Karl.

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